Zahra Black

Music Producer & Audio Engineer

Hello! I’m Zahra Black, a music producer and audio engineer from sunny Scotland at Black Waves Audio. For the past 7 years I have been producing music for independent artists, singer/songwriters and bands.
Graduating from the University of the Highlands & Islands with a First Class BScH in Audio Engineering, I work to a high standard and take the time needed to deliver the best product possible.

I request that you give details of the project and any demos or videos you have taken of your music. If there are artists that influence your sound a list of those is always great!
Each project is unique so I will take the time to work with you and reach the best results.

Black Waves Audio offers services in music production, audio recording, mixing and mastering to bring your creative vision to life. From mellow sweet acoustics to grimy punk rock; whatever you have in mind, Black Waves Audio is committed to bringing a high quality product.

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