JJ Vocals

Lyrics + Vocal Composition and Vocalist

Strong Clean Vocals with Unique Creative Approaches.

High Quality Studio Vocal Tracks – Lyrics / Harmonies & Melodies.

Check out some reviews of my vocals:

– Love It – sounds like Brenden Perry and Chris Cornell combined
– Tremendous vocals and mood which turns decades back and makes us feel the revolutionary times of the 70’s
– If Gustav Mahler had a guitar he was playing this sonata
– Poetic and very beautiful. FIVE out of FIVE!
– Nice jazzy, dark mix of sounds…no one else sounds like this
– Sounds like R&B. Keith Sweat, but dark
– The vocals are flawless
– vocals grab your attention at the beginning
– Hauntingly beautiful. Vocals, backing vocals, melody, all great
– truly original and positively evades analytical listening

audio files, stated goals, terms

I can track vocals from any DAW or even just audio files. Prefer Logic Pro but can use other.

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