Professional Trumpet Player

Vuk Stankovic is a trumpet player, producer and composer from Serbia. Graduated at Belgrade Faculty of Music. He performed through all of the Balkans and Europe. Perfectly good at Balkan Style, freestyle jazz & blues, Latin, Funk, all electronic music genres. His music is full of passion because you can hear the soul of the sound he produce.

Dear, be sure to send me song files, stems and basic information about the song. Explain the vibe you want to get and we will have the best results and the best groove for your song. I am looking forward!

I will record professional trumpet parts, layers and full horn section for your songs in various styles. You will get full access to my playing and we will work together on your idea for the song. My mission is to emotionally understand your idea and contribute in the best possible way with my playing. I work in Ableton Live Suite 10. Love to all!

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Havana (Cover by Vuk Trumpet)
Last night a DJ saved my life (Cover by Vuk Trumpet)