Sergio Zamorano

Audio Engineer: Mixing, Mastering, SoundCorrection

Sergio Zamorano is a mexico based audio engineer with 7+ years of experience that has worked with Latin Grammy winning artists and prominent figures in Mexico’s independent music scene. Graduated from Berklee’s partner university, “Rec Música Centro de Estudios Musicales”, specialized in mixing, mastering and sound design.

I offer mixing, editing, mastering and sound design services with a personal approach to each project, understanding that no music is the same and because of this it shouldn’t be approached in the same way.
Before starting to work on your project, I will have a short discussion with you to learn the direction of your project, how should I approach it and what you’re expecting from my work.

I specialize on mixing and sound design, and I have a very technical approach towards mastering, striving for the best balance between loudness and dynamics, preserving the “soul” or “mojo” of the song.
I come from a rock background, but I like to listen (and work on) all kind of music. If you check my soundcloud playlist you’ll find I’ve work on a huge variety of genres including symphonic orchestras, singer/songwriter, reggae, rock, pop and even flamenco.
Since the “podcast boom” that came with the pandemic, i’ve also dived into sound correction. Most people that started their own podcast don’t have an acoustically treated room. That’s where I come in, reducing background noise, controlling unwanted reverbs and restoring archival audio.

-Mastering (stereo and stems price may vary)
-Sound correction / Restoration
-Vocal pitch correction (Melodyne)
-Synthesis & Sound Design

Let’s make some music!

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