Shamar Johnson

Audio engineer

My services include; room treatment, vocal recording, stereo microphone techniques, compression, equalizer, phase, equal loudness contour, mixing, and mastering. XY, space pair, ORTF, mid-side, blumlien pair, and Decca tree. Panning, create space with reverb and/or delay, volume balancing, subtractive eq, additive eq, use parallel fx, dynamic range, check mix in mono, and leave headroom for mastering. Working with microphone, audio interface input, computer, DAW channel, DAW mix bus, master channel, audio interface output, speakers, and headphones. Working with recorded audio file, channel plug-ins, channel fader, pan knobs, channel bus, mix bus fader, audio interface output, speakers, and headphones. Input and output levels of each stage of the recording and mixing signal path. Manage the recording process for a band or artist when they’re making an album or recording a single.

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