Matic Blagonic

Music producer, guitarist and vocalist

I am a music producer, mixing and mastering engineer, guitarist, vocalist and songwriter from Slovenia. I have graduated from the Conservatory of Music in Ljubljana in Classical Guitar and have completed a few years of Classical Singing. I have applied my knowledge gained there to teach myself to play the 8-string electric guitar and dive into extreme vocals as well, and I am now the founder, songwriter, vocalist and guitarist for the prog/post-metal band Hei’An. I am currently studying my way towards the Bachelor of Arts: Music Technology Specialist diploma via the United POP collaboration with the University of West London. I have a lot of experience mixing demos for my own band, while also mixing and mastering a lot of multitracks found online. I have also been a freelance mixing and mastering engineer on other websites for a bit now.

Before placing an order, I ask the buyer to send me a DEMO of the song(s) they would like to have mixed and mastered, to ensure the quality of the recordings is good enough – they don’t have to be studio-grade, if you don’t have that option, but they do have to be somewhat decent – NOBODY can make a good quality mix and master from horrible recordings! Please, make sure you use decent sounds/tones for your instruments and that everything is on-tempo and in-tune (except the vocals – I can pitch-correct those, if you wish).

When I get a feel for the music and evaluate the quality of the recordings, I will contact the potential buyer and ask for the SEPARATE TRACKS/STEMS for the song(s) in WAV format. We will then discuss the timeline (when the mix and master should/will be finished) and the exact price (that depends on the number of tracks per song, the overall complexity and the timeline).

Note: I prefer alternative, modern rock, modern metal, metalcore, post-metal etc. music, but I can do other rock and metal sub-genres, too, as well as alternative pop, indie, blues, acoustic, electronic etc. songs. No matter the genre, I will make it sound good!

I offer remote DIGITAL MIXING and MASTERING services!

I will mix and master your song(s) in Logic Pro X, applying the knowledge I have gained (and am still gaining) in my BA: Music Technology Specialist studies and from my past experiences.

I guarantee that, as long as the stems you send me are of good-enough quality, I will MIX and MASTER your music to a PROFESSIONAL COMMERCIAL STANDARD LEVEL!

Get your music READY to be uploaded on any streaming service or printed on a CD or vinyl! And all of that at a LOWER PRICE than an average in-studio mixing/mastering price would be!

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James Timms - "Can You Say The Same"; The tracks for this song were downloaded from Cambridge MT. Here's an excerpt of my version of the mix and master for it.
Architects - "Naysayer"; I have found a fan-made raw multitrack for this song on the Internet. Here's an excerpt of my own mix and master for it.