Lorenzo Carolus

Recording Guitarist


My Name is Lorenzo. I have been playing guiar for more that 12 years

I have experience in playing in bands and for groups.Can play different styles(Jazz,Blues,Reggae,Gospel etc).

I use a multiple effects Roland Boss Pedal(GT1 ,UGM96 Sound Card and Ableton Software.

Looking forward to working with you!!!

Please see the following details below:

1.Please send me a msg/email(lcarolus20@gmail.com) with all the details(Type of song,Type of sound you looking for etc)
2.Provide me with the backtrack(Send it via cloud storage or any way you like)
3.Please tell what the duration of the guitar solo/line should there be any limitation
4.You can also contact me via Skype if you cant explain over msg/email

Looking forward to working with you

I am an South African based guitarist who can provide professional electric guitar tracks for your project.

All I need is your song (mp3, wave, project file), the tempo, and your style for the song. Once I receive your notes/information I can get started right away! Every song is different and needs it’s own creative approach. . I allow up to 3 revisions and more can be negotiated for an additional price. Tracks are recorded through a soundcard(UGM96).

About me:
I have over 10 years of experience playing guitar .
I’ve worked with several band groups.

For electric guitar I have a Squier Fender Strat
My soundcard is a UGM96

My amps includes a Roland Cube 80 amp

I also use a Roland Boss GT1 multieffects pedal

My recording software that I use is Ableton 10

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Blues Jam


Mon-Fri: 20h00-22h00 Saterday-Sunday: 16h00-18h00 The above depends on my availibility