John Luke Nance

Mixing, Mastering, Songwriting

I’ve been mixing for 7 years and spent more than 15,000 hours perfecting my craft in mostly pop, edm, hip-hop, and metal. I’ve worked with many talented/experienced artists and also beginner-level artists. Either way, my goal has always been to get an excellent result even if the job is difficult. As long as the work from a musician is creative, I can work with it!

Offered Services
1. Mixing of prerecorded tracks into full songs
—-This could include the mixing of vocal tracks that are sent to me with a premixed song
2. Mastering
3. Songwriting/ Ghost writing
4. Writing Midi drums that sound fantastic/mix ready
5. Writing interesting vocal lines and melodies for the artist to sing
6. Creating a beat (Hip Hop or EDM)
7. Guitar editing

I’ve used Reaper software from the beginning, and it has always worked best for me. I also prefer using Waves plugins.

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Ghost (metal demo)
Morning (EDM)