Metal Album Design

Album cover artist / Digital artist / Illustrator

We are a small design studio specialized in creating art for metal bands and musicians. Our website is:

We offer custom and tailor-made album artwork services and we’ve a pre-made art for sale portfolio as well.

We’re two artists in the studio, different styles and techniques. Feel free to explore our website to see our portfolio and drop us a message if you’re interested.

If you’re looking for a quotation please try to include as much info as possible: for example some info about the band / music project (and, of course a link to your music, please!), a short description with the concept behind the album or your ideas for the artwork. Don’t need to be a detailed description, just let us know a bit more about what you’re looking for. Including the album title is always a big help too!

In Metal Album Design studio we are a team of two artists specialized in design and illustrations services for metal bands. From pre-made album art to tailor-made full album art creation services, we are here to help your band look as powerful as it sounds.

Some of our services:

– Album Cover Art / Illustration. Front artwork for your album, whatever the format, digital or physical album, cd or vinyl.

– Full Album Artwork / Layout / Design. Not just the cover illustration but the entire album art: front, back, liner, cd label, booklet… Full layout for CD (jewel case / digipak) or Vinyl.

– Lyric videos

– T-shirt design / merchandishing design

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