Jordan Krepps

Professional Mix Engineer and Producer.

Send me your recorded stems. I will work with you, either remotely or in person, at my studio, to transform your stems into a spacious, lush and full sounding professional sound. If you don’t have a means of recording quality and clean sources from your location, I offer studio recording services as well. At my studio, I use UAD Apollo audio interfaces/converters, Adam Audio monitors, Steven Slate VSX system, Neumann condenser microphones and have a small collection of top-of-the-line instruments (Ernie Ball Music Man Bass, Fender Telecaster Deluxe, Gibson Les Paul Studio, Akai MPK 49, LPD8).
Mixing is primarily performed “in the box”.
Software includes: Apple Logic, Ableton Live 10, Reason 11, Reaper 6 (my favorite DAW), Slate Digital, Waves, Baby Audio, Native Instruments Komplete 13, Splice access, Spitfire Audio, GGD, etc.

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original up and coming artist
Ariana Grande - Positions (cover from Relic Hearts)