Svperior Dwells

Music Producer/ Engineer

Svperior Dwells is a veteran producer from Virginia, US. His past collaborators include Jess Audrey, Noah B, Pearl White, Night Lovell and many others. His production style blends elements of Wave, Trance, and Trap. He is known for his uncanny ability to create dark and mystical atmospheres. But no matter how dark it gets, he maintains an aura of dream-like comfort. Svperior Dwells music strikes that fine line between optimism and dystopia. – PAULON RECORDS

If you are a vocalist: I can produce your track any way you want as long as you record over a metronome (or anything similar) to keep a set beat per minute. Highly recommend using a real microphone vs. headphone mics to get a clearer result. I can clear up background noise but the end result will be much cleaner if recorded properly. also I specialize in chopping vocals if you want that style. You can refer to my samples to get an idea of how that may sound. If you would like a song mixed and/or mastered, you can just send it over with no limiting on the master and I’ll be good to go from there. I will edit until you’re happy with the results.

producing music for 10+ years. My main software is Fl Studio 20 and my go to plug-ins are mainly serum, massive, cthulu, maximus, nexus, etc. I mix and master my own tracks and have been doing so for over 8 years.

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