Professional pianist/keyboardist/music producer

Stephine is currently based in Liverpool, the UK. She is a classically trained professional pianist (master degree in music) who expertise in all genre, including popular music and Jazz. She has experiences in producing music for independent movies, yoga studios and commercials.
Services that Stephine can provides:

Piano recording- As a professional pianist, Stephine is confident to produce a beautifully played piano recording for your project, regardless any genre of music.

Music production – If you ever need original musics for your films/commercials/ fitness studio/yoga studio/meditation studio, just let Stephine knows your requirements and she will help you with that from composing ,recording to mixing, all in one go.

Music arrangement- If you are looking for turning a piece of music into a different version to suit different scenes or musical instruments, Stephine can arrange it for you and the music sheets will be provided. If needed, she can produce a demo recording for you as well.

Music transcription/notation: If you have a music in mind and wish to transform the music recording into a professional written music, just send the recording of your music to Stephine and she will make the magic for you. Music sheet will be provided in PDF and Sib.

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