Stjepan Krznaric

Audio Composer / Producer

I make the best 16 bit inspired video game tunes in as little time as possible. I make excellent orchestral video game tunes. I make tunes for TV series, Youtube, birthdays, funerals, and tunes just for you to dance around the room to. I’m very enthusiastic about making music and I primarily LOVE what I do – I pour everything I got into every tune

I will record/program drums, orchestration, guitars, basses, record vocals and make 8/16 bit inspired video game tunes. Basically, everything you’ll ever need. I’m new to the platform, and I know I need to work my way up, hence the prices. Snatch my services at these prices while you can, I deliver high-quality work, and very fast.

I understand that I’m supposed to list Credit Highlights here and a specific sound I specialize in, but the fact is that my sound, no matter the project is the amalgam of all the various artists that influenced me throughout the years. From The Beatles, over my 8bit heroes – Tim Follin, Jeroen Tel, Fred Grey, and 16bit console and Amiga 500 artists, through The Smashing Pumpkins, Tool, Primus, Biohazard, Cynic, Aeon Spoke to more contemporary production such as SZA, Kehlani, Halsey…(too many to list) all the new music that I hear and soak in somehow finds its way, albeit sometimes in little unrecognizable pieces, to the music I produce.

I grew up in Eastern Europe. Listing all the top-notch artists and performers I worked with here as a studio drummer/bass player/producer or a touring musician won’t mean much to you, so it makes no sense putting those here. But I have a strong work ethic, deliver high-quality product and I’m not happy until the client is happy.

It’s a challenge I enjoy.

Part of the gear I’m using:


High-end Windows PC
RME Babyface soundcard
Yamaha HS8 monitors
Yamaha H5 monitors
Neumann TLM 103 mic
Project Golden Age PRE73-DLX with Carnhill Transformers mic preamp
Nord Lead 4
Fender Telecaster Player
Fender Stratocaster
Epiphone Les Paul Traditional Pro II
Taylor Baby Taylor
Musicman Stingray 5 ’82.
Musicman Sterling Ray 34


Cubase 10.5 or Ableton Live 10
East West Quantum Leap Suite
Massive X
Superior Drummer
EZ Drummer 2
Groove Agent
Waves Audio

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