Diplomated Musicproducer, Pianist, Vocalist

I do it all … well.. most of it… I’ll sing for you. I’ll mix your song. I’ll master it. I’ll play the piano, the guitar and even the triangle.

Please text me before we get into business. Good music only emerges if the musician and the producer vibe. I’d love to get to know you!!

Hi there,
I’m Eva.
I’ from Bavaria, live in Switzerland right now and study music production there at the moment.
I play the piano since 12 years, the guitar since 7, I sing and love to cover, recreate, remix or write songs.

I also produce music with abelton live since 2016.
I don’t really specialize on any genre there because I hate categorizing music. Music is amazing. Every form of it.
But I mostly do R&B, House, Hip Hop, Trap, Downbeat and Darkpop.

I mix and master as well! Since I am still a student and not a professional at that topic, I won’t charge a lot for that.

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