Parker Still

Professionally trained Audio Engineer

Hi! I’m Parker, I’ve been studying Audio Production for 4 years. I am currently in a metal band, but I was raised classically, I played cello for 8 years in orchestra. But eventually I hungered for diversity. I picked up the guitar when I was 13 and fell in love. Practiced until I found my first band. A Green Day cover band. We never played any shows but it was an amazing experience. I played with a folk band for a year, a rock band for a couple years and played in my college jazz band as well the country band, just to gain knowledge in all types of music. Finally I have found my true calling, to help other make their vision come true, well the sound of their vision that is.

I will need a few things from you:
1.) I will need all of the stems rendered, named, numbered and organized correctly with the corresponding measure and beat information.
2.) I will need a song or album for reference for the sound you are going for.
3.)I will need to know if there are any nuances that you would like to have or add. I.E: Panning, Swells, Fades, etc.
4.) You will need a dropbox or google drive account to get me your stems.
5.) Patience, I will be working to the best of my abilities to produce your song to a professional level. I will work with you to make the song you love to listen to and I will work at a professional pace. I will not be done until you are 100000% satisfied!

I will mix your song to a professional level. I have experience with metal music, rap, Jazz, punk, rock, indie, choral, orchestral, and acoustic. I will work to the best of my abilities to get you a finished product with a Great sound with a professional punctuality. Working with me will be like working with a friend.

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