Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Industry Pro

I offer very affordable, radio-level quality mixing and mastering.

Getting your track mixed, mastered and radio friendly can be incredibly expensive. It puts many off completing the tracks they worked so hard on. I’m here to offer artists a break. I use all up-to-date industry standard hardware and software, and have worked with major labels such as Universal Music Group, as well as Grammy award winning artists and engineers.

My output is 100% radio quality, and I meet all of the trivial, technical standards to get your track onto all broadcast and streaming services. Music I have mixed has been played on BBC Radio, Heart Radio, and some of the biggest radio stations in the U.S., U.K., Japan and around the world. I have been a professional mixing and mastering engineer for 15 years.

I’m starting up my own independent label here in Tokyo, and am looking to work with as many new artists as possible, just to keep a foot in the market and see what’s out there, as well as help push this industry back to where it was pre-pandemic. Can’t wait to get started on your work!

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Spirit - J Hus