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I love working with new talents! I’ve worked with musicians and music producers internationally and locally since 2013 as a singer-songwriter (songwriter as in mainly writing my own lyrics with melodies). When I write, it’s something I am able to pick up and feel from the instrumental, even if it is just a simple guitar track. I mainly specialize in pop, indie alternative rock and anything acoustic.

Please do send the .wav and if you already have lyrics then a lyrics document sheet but if you don’t have lyrics, don’t worry I got you covered!

I offer singing and/or songwriting services for anyone struggling with the right words to include in their song or simply to have a unique vocalist to their track! I have been professionally working in this music business since 2013 and have worked with many musicians and producers all over the world, including Sweden, the United States and Jamaica, and my own hometown Toronto, Ontario, Canada! I love working on new tracks that give originality and rawness to it, something new and unique. I also specialize in pop and rock!

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  1. Super fast and high-quality work!

    Alex delivered great work very quickly! Definitely glad I worked with her!

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