Nonso Anene

Highly experienced songwriter

My name is Nonso Anene, an R&B/Pop singer from Toronto, Canada.

Music is the love of my life

I graduated from the University of Toronto Music faculty. However, I strongly believe that experience is truly the best teacher and I have been writing music for over 5 years; written hundreds and hundreds of songs for myself and for other singers over the past 5 years.

Send me the instrumental to the song and I will write the melodies and lyrics to the entire song.

I will quickly (within 2 days) deliver you a song which includes the melodies and lyrics for your entire song, as long as you provide the instrumental.

I’m confident in the knowledge & experience I have to offer, but I’m always willing to listen to clients’ ideas and incorporate them into the song to tell the story in the most beautiful way possible, sure to leave you happy!

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