Graphic designer + Illustrator

Graphic designer + Illustrator specializing in cover art and merchandise design

What I need from you:

– Any existing brand guidelines or assets such as logos
– A moodboard would be ideal, typically Pinterest is the best platform for this
– Artist name and cover name alongside the song(s)

For my creative process I typically listen to your music while brainstorming ideas to embody the right vibe for the artwork as well as looking at your moodboard and our discussion before I start designing. I will send you my work and we can do a round of revisions. I mainly use create my art using Photoshop and Illustrator.

My services include:

– High res 3000 × 3000 pixel custom artwork
– Optimized images for socials and print as well as Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud etc.
– Posters
– Social media assets
– Logos
– Short animation videos
– Merchandise design

Hi I’m a graphic designer and illustrator specializing in cover art and merchandise design for DJ’s and musicians. I graduated with a Bachelor of Design from Ryerson University and have been designing for over 5 years. I am truly passionate about creating high quality, unique artwork that deeply resonates with each artist and sound.

Check out my portfolio for more -> poonamchauhan.com

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