Producer, Songwriter, Composer

Hey y’all, I’m Elias Edlund AKA Formant, music producer, songwriter, and composer based in Toronto. Primarily, I work in popular music styles, specifically Top 40, hip-hop, and country. I have tracks placed on major international TV networks, I’ve scored a bunch of films, I have about one million streams on songs I’ve written, and I play all sorts of instruments.

Normally, all I need to get started is a rough draft of the song and a musical direction accompanied by some reference tracks from your favourite artists. If you do some of your own production, then by all means please send me the stems and I can incorporate them into the final track. Let’s get to work!

As a producer, I’m here to realize your vision for your music. Bring me a song, some references, and a general goal and let me get to work! If you’re in Toronto, I’d love to have you down to my studio space at Queen and Spadina. If not, then having the ability to record your own vocals, or having a local studio helping you out is a huge benefit.

I’m a Logic Pro X user on a Universal Audio ‘in-the-box’ platform. My monitoring set-up is supplied by DynAudio, Avantone, Yamaha, and Sennheiser. I have countless VSTs and plug-ins, pretty much anything you would need to produce modern music.

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