Roland Rodas

Mastering engineer specialized in Heavy Metal

Hey, I’m Roland! I’m a specialized mastering engineer in metal albums and extreme music.

Heavy Metal is my passion. Each morning I wake up to classic metal on vinyl and excellent coffee. Then, I get the honour of mastering extreme music as a day job. When I’m not on tour, the studio is where I want to be: Working on your music!

As a fellow metalhead and musician, I fully understand the craving for a crushing album that will command attention, knock people over on the first listen, and force heads to bang.

And that’s why I’m here! I’ve developed a keen interest in mastering and I want to help you make your album sound bigger, heavier and more defined with the least amount of extra processing involved.

In other words, I respect the integrity of your mix while making it sound even more INTENSE.

Your album is in good hands! And ears!

(Se habla Español)

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"Toxic Rush" by Lunattack
"In my Dreams of Darkness" by Kings Rot