Musical Production Powerhouse

Toronto based composer, producer and engineer offering custom tracks and mobile recording to your spec, deadline, budget…
25+ years as a working professional in the music industry, 30+ years as a writer & performer and multi-instrumentalist, 40+ years as a lover/disciple/dissector of all things music.

ckmatch is capable of working independently, or as directed. Adept at serving clients of all skill levels – amateur to professional.

Communication and candour are essential to our mutual success. It is paramount that you know what you want and are as clear as possible in describing it prior to starting the work. Re-drafts are a costly way to assess this after the fact.

If you aren’t musical, that’s really not an issue – bring us your ideas, visions, previous recordings. cocktail napkin sketches, acapella phone recordings and let’s talk. A great way to describe a project can be through suggesting known similar works. Send us links and mp3s for music that resembles what you’re after. Again, the better you communicate, the better we can serve you.

Professional/commercial composition and recording services – jingles, film/tv scores, social media bumpers, backing tracks and beats for solo artists, musical and vocal drafts, lyric writing, artist direction, and many more

Benevolent/Pro-bono work – charities, starving artists, students, friends and family. Wherever possible, willing to do project rates, sliding scales, etc

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