Yureck Borini

Session Drummer, Recording Remote

Hi, my name is Yureck, I am a Session drummer with over 25 years of activity, I live in Italy and I carry out my session activity from my personal studio. I have collaborated with many bands and artists on the realization of their albums, gaining over the years an experience that is versatile in many genres.
I started studying Jazz and Funk with the greatest masters in Italy, and I played all genres. I currently collaborate on several musical projects as a session drummer, and I always want to collaborate with new projects.

My current Gear consists of a 6-piece Maple Ayotte, as snare drums I use a Slingerland 90’s in maple and a Noble & Cooley Classic alloy. For cymbals, I mainly use Ufip, Zildjian, Sabian. All the instrumentation is top level, and I work on 8 channels audio interface. My specialties are Funk, Pop, Rock. Do not hesitate to contact me to show me your project and ask for information, I reply in a very short time and try to meet all your needs.

Please contact me first, explain your project and your needs, then I need an mp3 or Wav file to start. during the recording of the song I will send you samples on which you can work in detail by changing or adding anything you want

Soul&Passion my life as a Musician, I’m doing this because it’s my world, my happiness. I love creating music with other people and take your music to the next level.
I think that collaborating in the creation of a song is the most satisfying part, but in full respect of the artist, I am at your disposal for everything that I am asked to do.
Usually, the average time for a song is around 5 days, however, if there are no urgencies the song is considered finished when the artist is totally satisfied.

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Yureck Borini Mix Drum


Mon-Sat: 10:00-19:00