Mansi And Subho

Indian trained Vocalist / Composer

Mansi and Subho is a couple who loves music and are deeply passionate . Mansi is trained professional Indian classical vocalist , Subho is sound engineering and also vocalist . We both have professional experience in Music working as session singers / Youtube / Live performances . We cover a diverse range of genres . We record our sound at our home studio
Please listen to know more about us 🙂

Every offer is different so we would like to speak on chat on the requirements . But generic requirement for lead vocals will be tracks , tempo and scale ( preferred ) , lyrics , feel of the song . For Composition we will need lyrics and how you want the song to be

We have a home studio setup with Rode 1-A and Scarlett 2i2 . We use Logic Pro X as daw
Services offered
1) Lead / Backing Vocalist
2) Composer
3) Song Production

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