Matt Dudman

Session Guitarist & Songwriter

I am an experienced Session Musician & Songwriter who has been playing actively for the last 10 years throughout the industry. Throughout the years I have been lucky enough to share the stage with Mallory Knox, Bellevue Days, Big Spring just to mention a few. I have been in projects featured on Kerrang, Discovered Magazine, BBC Introducing, Dead Press and many more. I have been involved with numerous projects, genre’s spanning from Atmospheric Acoustic to Metalcore. My passion for music is second to none. Its all I love doing and working with new people on new projects gives me so much joy, whether that be playing live, recording music or writing music. I love being with the creative space with other people who feel the same. I can play Guitar & Bass to a very high standard, with industry standard gear to be able to help me perform & write to the highest capacity. I can also sing as I do with band ‘Dali’ and I am currently learning piano. I am also an experienced music producer as well, as it was a huge part of what I studied at higher level within my degree. For the right project I would be heavily invested into this, as I find that producing music is only an extension of the creative process that I feel so passionately towards. My preferred DAW is Logic Pro, but also I have experience with Pro Tools and Ableton.

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