Yoana Puleva

Graphic Designer

I’m a graphic designer specialised in creating music assets for DJ’s and musicians. Designing cover art is my full-time job and I have completed over 100 artworks in the past year. Through this I have learnt to deliver contemporary artworks to tight deadlines. My experience lies in creating visually striking and personal designs that are formatted to fit across all platforms likes socials and print to ensure your successful campaign.

see more via my site yoana.info

What I need from you

– Any existing brand guildlines (such as logos)
– A moodboard (Pinterest is generally best platform for this, I can send examples if you like)
– Artist name and cover name

My creative process generally goes like this – I listen to your music while generating ideas from your moodboard and/ or online discussion. And then I will present via pdf presentation. I mainly use Photoshop and Procreate for any hand drawn Illustration.

My services include…

– High res 3000×3000 pixel custom artwork
– Optimised images for socials and print
– Posters
– Social media banners
– Logos
– Gif animation

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