I am passionate about composition, sound design and audio post production and have been for over 10 years. I consider myself to be someone who understands the power of music and its ability to communicate and engage. I will work tirelessly to achieve your vision for your project. I am very professional in my approach to every project I work on and my many years experience on numerous projects means that I can work quickly without compromising quality. Having 2 degrees in this field equips me with the technical experience and creative insight to achieve your vision. I am able to work in several different music genres including classical, pop, rock, jazz, R&B and world music.
I will work tirelessly on your project alone till it is completed, giving you 100% of my attention.

Solid academic background, experience in Music Production, Studio Recording, and Singer-Songwriter.
I am ready to listen and discuss any request providing my best advice for: – Original Songs – Arrangments – Vocal Recording – Sound Design – SFX – Sound Editing – Mixing and Mastering

Knowledge of the following subjects: – Physics of sound, generation, and propagation. – In-depth study of the different DAWs on the market. – Songwriters writing and arrangement techniques. – Microphone, mixing, mastering, and sound recording. – Music, for multimedia, film, adverts, and Foley technique.
High sense of responsibility and excellent communication skills aimed at carrying out an effective and interactive activity.

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