Ben Bradley

Bass player, Mix Engineer, Producer, Composer

Hi my name is Ben.
I am an experienced DIY musician who has been self producing/recording/mixing and releasing music for over ten years.

I have recorded 6 albums in total with various projects which can all be found on any major streaming platform.

I currently play the guitar and write songs for two bands with released music (Running With Scissors UK, and The Tics), I also play bass in a band called The Tumultuous Predicament who have released two singles to great local acclaim. I also have a solo experimental/ambient/instrumental project called Oblong Earth Society with one album out.

All my projects have been fully engineered, produced and mixed by me.

I work from my home studio and I have a variety of equipment and software available. All my music is recorded in Reaper via a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 interface.
For mixing I also use reaper and I have many plugins at my disposal, including Waves Gold Package, Waves Abbey Road Plates, EZ Drummer, Melodyne, and Soundtoys Decapitator.

For recording Bass I have a Fender Precision, Fender Jazz and a Harley Benton Semi hollow. I use a Blackstar U500 amp either recorded from its direct out, or mic’d up with a Shure moving coil and RM BIV Ribbon mic.

I have many electric guitars at my disposal, including Gibson SG, Fender Strat, Fender Tele, Jazzmaster as well as an Epiphane LP and 335. I by placing a combination of a Shure SM57 and RM BIV ribbon in front of either my Vox AC 15 or my Marshall origin 20. I also have a wide variety of FX pedals to create interesting sounds and textures.

For acoustic guitar I have a 1981 Takamine, which I record with an MXL condenser mic.

My services:
Recording – I can record either guitar parts or bass parts for your track. Just provide me with the chords and lyrics beforehand. I can work completely independently if need be, or work to an agreed brief and references. Maximum of two revisions.

Composition – I can compose instrumental music for your project, either similar to a reference track, or completely original depending on what you want. Contact me to discuss this. Maximum of two revisions.

Mixing – I can mix a track for you, or even a full album! Please contact me before hand to discuss your needs.

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Running With Scissors UK - This House
The Tics - Dawn