Composer, Orchestrator/Arranger and Songwriter

I’m a professional Composer with over 10 years experience in composing for media, dance/theare and film. I also really enjoy doing orchestrations and arrangements for artists and productions. Whether you’re looking for a new score, soundtrack or for existing music to be arranged/re-written I’ve got the full spectrum covered from start to finish.

Here is my showreel:

Example of original music for film/media

Example of String Arrangements for Hip Hop

Example of my pop song writing:

Here are some benefits of working with me:
*Collaborative and flexible can work with all genres and all forms of media
*Good communication and understanding your needs is important to me.
*Able to write music for solo instruments up to full symphonic orchestra
*Able to compose music for any genre. Specialising in classical, cinematic, fantasy, alternative/indie, ballads and Latin.
*Fast turn around and can work to tight deadlines.
*Able to arrange a song for different genre or different set of instruments.
*Professional Full Score and Parts created.
*Able to program and sample each score so it sounds like a live symphonic orchestra
*Mixing and Mastering can also be included

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Example of Cinematic Fantasy Composition
Orchestral arrangement of a pop song ("If" by Judy Tzuke)


Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm. But I'm usually flexible to work to the needs of the project.