Martin Antonsson

Mixing and mastering engineer

Been working with audio for the last 15+ years doing livesound engineering, studioengineering, technician, programmer and musician.
Played in bands during, and still am, the last 15+ years as well.
Stepped into the engineering role more and more the last couple of years and love to deliver a sound that matches my clients wishes!

I do not accept sessionfiles. I always want to start on a clean sheet using rendered wav-files to import into my DAW.

Proper naming on the files, rendered throughout the entire song, if needed txt file with notes, bpm and an open mind.

I offer music mixing, mastering, production, session musician (guitars, bass and drums) as well as editing and tuning.

Main DAW is Studio One 5 Professional, Waves, Plugin Alliance, Slate and many more.

Portfolio and more info at

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