Nacho de la Riega

Awarded Mixing and Mastering Engineer

My place is a tailored hybrid studio with a rupert neve console and some really nice outboard, combined with the power of UAD plugins and others.

I offer a variety of services:

I think Hybrid mixing its the way to go, I choose that workflow for my tracks and others. Its key to put attention to details and take the music where its meant to be taken without compromising.

Stereo Analog Mastering:
I’ll take your stereo mix and process it with analog gear to remove all harshness, tame annoying frequencies, balance the tone, control the low-end, fix muddy frequencies, glue music together, raise the level and get it ready for digital distribution.

Stem mastering:
I gather together all the stems + the stereo mix and use the channels of the neve and my analog outboard to mix balance and give color/ flavor to the audio. And then I master all the songs properly for digital/ vinyl and cd sources.

Recording sessions:
Ive been working on music for 20 years now. I have access to all top musicians in the scene, and I own a great studio for tracking with all Class A pre amps and outboard. If you are looking to track a session, lets give it a go!

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Mon – Fri 10am to 7 pm