FeelDen Audio

Mixing Engineer, Session Musician, Music Producer

Hey, I’m Josh! With over 14 years experience creating music, my goal is to help you maximise your music and sound the best you can! Whether you need a mix, assistance with recording, a session bassist/guitarist or want to go all in on a production from beginning to end, I’ll be there to get you the results you crave!

Your session files – Audio stems for mixing, backing track/written parts for session music. Your original demos.
References – A list of commercially available tracks to use as our quality goals.

Mixing – Specialising in rock and metal with additional experience in singer-songwriter and funk/indie pop genres. I will help bring your music to life using industry standard plug-ins (Waves, Soundtoys, Slate Digital) in my preferred DAW (Logic Pro). Cross DAW workflow is no issue as I also have detailed knowledge of Pro Tools, Cubase and Reaper.

Recording – I believe that the mix starts with with recording and have strong studio experience. I can provide professional support, advice and assistance on your home recordings.

Session Musician – I have studied bass guitar for more than half my life! 14 years in fact, earning my diploma during University. I would be more than happy to lay down the low end for your tracks! Likewise I also play guitar and can provide session playing or simply add creative guitar layers to your production, if that is something you’re looking for.

Audio Editing (Drum editing, Vocal pitching, Audiobook production) – Using my existing audio skills, I can tighten your drum recordings for maximum groove! I can also edit and tune vocal performances and any audiobook productions.

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You're A Hero Kid - Mahatma Raindrop (producer, recording, mix)
Feel Alive - Kill The Silence (producer, recording, mix)