Alanna Clarke

Vocalist | Songwriter

Hi! I’m Alanna. I’m a singer/songwriter, I love what I do. Experienced as a top line writer, session singer and songwriter. I’ve been working in music most of my life living between Canada and Los Angeles pursuing my own solo project and working as a session singer, top-liner and songwriter.

I’ve had songs in video games (Beat Saber, Rocket League), indie films, on the Degrassi film soundtrack and on Canadian radio.
I have worked as a top liner and session singer with all different types of producers, everything from edm, dance pop, to hip-hop and RnB. Primarily I’ve done a lot of work in the pop, singer/songwriter and country worlds which my own music resides in. I’ve toured and played hundreds of shows across Canada, the US and Germany.

I use Logic Pro X, an apollo twin and a Shure SMB7 mic.

I can deliver really emotional, raw, intimate vocals, but if you listen through the samples of my material you’ll also hear anthemic pop songs, big belting chorus’s, and flavours of electronic, alternative and dance music.
Experienced with stacking vocal harmonies and backgrounds.

I love connecting with other creative people and contributing to their projects, I want to help bring your vision of your song to life in whatever way I can. I’ll listen to your feedback and work with you to get things to where you feel great about your song.

I know how much I appreciate a thorough thoughtful approach when I work with someone on my own music so that is what I always bring to the table when contributing to someones work. I would love to hear about your project and how I could be involved 🙂

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