Jon Horton

Music Producer, Composer, Arranger and Songwriter

Hello! My name is Jon Horton, and I’ve been a music industry professional since 2016.

I specialize in:
– Music Production: The process of aiding artists with recording their songs for a cohesive and professional sound while maintaining their personal unique artistry.
– Composition: Whether it’s composing for strings, horns, or choir, I have experience in arranging beautiful chords and melodies for any occasion.
– Arranging: This involves taking any musical idea and fleshing it out into a bigger sound. I can take your beautiful song with guitar and vocals and arrange a full band sound for your single!
– Songwriting: I have experience in writing songs from the ground up in many styles: Pop, Folk, Acoustic, Rock, Indie, and many more. I put together the right lyrics, melodies, and chord progressions to match your tastes!

Graduated from:
– The U.S. Navy School of Music
– Full Sail University (Recording Arts Bachelor’s Degree)

Produced for:
– Loverboy ( )
– Churchworks Media (album coming soon)
– Eric Klingler (album coming soon)

Software Used:
– Pro tools

Instruments I can play:
– Guitar
– Keys (piano, organ, etc…)
– Drums
– Bass
– Mandolin
– Vocals

I’m a flexible, yes-man with a positive attitude ready to bring your music to life! You can see my 2021 Production Reel at

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2021 Production Demo Reel