Calin Grajdan

Beatmaker / Producer / Engineer

I’m an experienced producer that specializes in modern radio and pop music, hip-hop & trap, with a lot of versatility in other areas as well.

In a bit over 6 years, I have been through and worked on multiple genres, from metal and rock to EDM, mixed and produced a few songs that went on to be featured on the radio, and also worked on the sound design and did the mixing for a lot of TV and radio commercials for brands such as Carrefour, Nivea, Dr. Oetker and Garnier.

I have my own studio, where I’m almost daily except for Saturdays.

My main DAW is Ableton Live 11 and I’m mixing mostly using UAD plugins, on a UAD Octo and UAD Interface — currently the standard for loyal analog emulation. I’m also making use of Acustica Audio plugins on a regular. When I’m writing stuff I usually play them on my main keyboard, a Dave Smith Prophet REV-2. Mixing is done on a few different high grade professional speakers.

Despite being self taught and valuing real practice & getting my hands dirty, I have also taken formal courses at the SAE Institute, learned a lot of stuff on Mixing with the Masters, and did a mentorship with a local engineer with decades of experience, who is handling the majority of local songs on the radio every day.

Info: My work on these depends on the specific ad, however it is mostly the same across the board — mixing & mastering (all), sound design, and recording (in this order of frequency). Do keep in mind the voiceover for these commercials is done in a foreign language, not English (not that it matters, just a hint before clicking).

Info: Note before clicking, lyrics are in Romanian (not that it matters, just a hint in advance).

I need the multi-track files of your songs. The tracks should respect some basic guidelines that allows us to collaborate, these would be:
– All tracks should be consolidated and starting at 0:00.
– Turn off all FX and processing before bouncing.
– Any MIDI instruments need to be bounced to stereo audio file.
– If you have MIDI drums please provide the MIDI file as well as a bounced stereo file of the drums.
– The files need to be properly named and placed in a folder titled: Artist_SongTitle_BPM.
– I will not accept .mp3 files (for obvious reasons), please make sure files are .wav/24bit at 44.1k or 48k.

A .wav file of the final mix is required. Please make sure it’s not peaking above -3dB. Make sure to leave a second or two of silence at the beginning and end of the song — this allows me to have proper headroom and space for any edits.

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Mihai Gh feat. Tibal - N-am Timp (RO Trap)
Muddy Water (EN Female Pop)


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