Kyle Kirkpatrick

Composer | Producer | 5.1 mixing engineer – Pro Verified ✅

Whether you’re looking for a truly captivating score or to build your song from the ground up, I got you covered. Working out of my purpose-built studio, I create and engineer music for artists and clients on a wide spectrum of genres, but specialize in lush, dark cinematic scoring and production as well as mixing and composing in surround.

As a musician, I am a classically trained cellist with 15 years of experience performing and have been featured in many short films and compositions as a recording artist. As a composer, my work tends towards the complexity, detail, and intense emotion that exists within classical music, but with a modern, textural, and moody twist.

As an engineer and producer, I have had the opportunity to work with many CCM artists including my work producing, mixing, and mastering all of LCBC Worship’s most recent work as well as Kari King’s debut album titled “Glory” to name a few. As an engineer, I engineered, mixed, and mastered live recordings from Paul Baloche’s most record, “Behold Him”.

I work in my purpose-built studio designed and professionally calibrated to compose and mix in 5.1 surround sound. While I primarily compose and mix in Nuendo, I also use Pro Tools for mixing as well depending on the project. My sample library catalog is quite extensive including 15 Spitfire Audio libraries, NI Ultimate 13, Slate & Ash, Output, Omnisphere, Keyscape, EW Composer Cloud X, and many more. All the usual for plugins – Fab Filter, Waves, Izotope, Melodyne, Auto-Tune etc.

While I primarily work in the box, I record solo cello, acoustic guitar and other acoustic instruments in my studio. For this I run mics through my WA-273-EQ into an Antelope Orion Studio HD Interface. Mics include a Miktek CV4, Telefunken TF39, AKG C214s, WA-84s and many more.

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