Patrick Hazy

Music Producer & Audio Engineer

Music producer for the last 4 years, finishing a degree in production and engineering, with experience working with live instruments, analogue equipment in the studio environment, learned from the industry masters. Mostly I do electronic and house music, but I have always been open to working with a variety of genres.

Let me know your inquiry and provide materials and I will let you know if anything is extra is needed. Usually it is just a detailed description of what you desire and the materials you want work to be done on or with.

I offer mixing and mastering services, as well as help with the production of the final product. I am also competent in writing lyrics and arranging tracks. Not gonna shy away from editing audio for videos, marketing materials, etc.

Using Logic Pro X with top notch gear including UA, Waves, Plugin Alliance, Fab Filter, etc. along with a decent monitoring equipment and environment.

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