Diego Zapatero


Diego Zapatero (1982) is a Spanish-born pianist from Zaragoza, Spain. While in Spain, Diego had a prominent career in Business administration and marketing. However, a shift in interest led him to a background of piano composition and eventually a passion for photography. During his time in Spain, he would go on to professionally collaborate with various groups, including notable blues artist Ana Midón and rock bands. Diego also has notable work composing music for various spots and documentaries.

If you need to add a simple piano or keyboards stem to an existing mix.

I’ve a lot of experience in this kind of online works with hundreds of gigs accomplished in different platforms, that’s why I’ve been spotted by the Fiverr.

I have a complete educational background (from classical to modern music u and my 20 years of work experience.

I think in music you always have to go beyond mere professionalism looking for authenticity and organicity, emotion, a touch of personality and uniqueness, a sparkle of fantasy and magic, because that’s what we’re looking for when we listen to music, isn’t?

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  1. Amazing

    Diego did an amazing work on my song. I can’t thank him enough, made my song so much better and sounds so great. His piano and keyboard skills exceed my expectations..What a musician. Until my next song..will definitely work with him again.

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