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The Importance of Music For Twitch Streamers

Online streaming on Twitch has been growing at an unprecedented rate lately and several streamers from across the globe are using Twitch to share their content with the world. Live streaming of video games is the primary content on Twitch. Streamers often combine their gameplay with entertaining commentary and soothing music, which in turn compliments their streams.

However, music plays a major role in every twitch streamer’s content as it makes their streams entertaining and fun to watch. Viewers can enjoy the streams along with melodious music which creates a perfect ambiance. However, many streamers do not know that using music protected by copyright laws can result in them being banned from Twitch. With Twitch’s music rules and the DMCA regulations, streamers need to be careful about the music that they use in their live streams.

While gamers and content creators also use YouTube and Facebook as platforms to share their content, Twitch is the undefeated leader in the live gameplay streaming segment. Being a Twitch streamer, it is crucial that you are aware of Twitch’s music rules. Understanding what kind of music you can use in your live streams will help in avoiding strikes from Twitch and ensure that you have a pleasant experience. In this article, we shall understand the importance of music for Twitch streamers and where you can go for copyright-free music to add to your live streams. So, let’s get started!

Why Music is Essential for Twitch Streamers

Being a streamer on Twitch, you might already know how important music is for live streaming. While gameplays are interesting and fun to watch, without any kind of background music, they start to seem a bit empty and viewers might get bored. Music adds a lively feeling to your stream and keeps your viewers entertained. Adding music to your live streams creates a soothing ambiance and helps in making the overall stream an immersive experience for the viewer. So, can you use any song, track, or melody in your live stream? Well, the answer is no.

Many Twitch streamers add copyrighted music in their live streams without knowing the consequences. It can be quite risky to add unlicensed music to your live streams. Using copyrighted and unlicensed music on Twitch can result in a violation of Twitch’s rules resulting in a ban, and also cause legal trouble if a music label or artist sues you for using their copyrighted music. However, there are plenty of safe options for Twitch streamers when it comes to selecting the music that they can add to their live streams. But first, let’s understand the kind of music that you can and cannot use in your live streams on Twitch.

Twitch’s Music Rules 

Twitch is an organization that values content creators, and therefore, it does not allow streamers to use music that is the intellectual property of other content creators. Without having the rights or license to an audio piece, you cannot use it on Twitch. If a streamer violates these guidelines, Twitch may issue a takedown notification or even ban the streamer from Twitch. Additionally, due to the DMCA Guidelines (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) Twitch is obligated to adhere to the guidelines and prevent the use of unlicensed and copyrighted music on their platform. You can learn more about Twitch’s music guidelines and rules HERE. 

So, why can’t you use music that is copyrighted? This is because most of the music that you listen to in your everyday life is protected by copyright laws. What this means is that the owner/creator of that audio/music/song has full rights over that musical piece and any revenue generated via the use of that audio piece rightfully belongs to them. A copyright gives the owner exclusive rights to their intellectual property, therefore, nobody can use it without getting permission or a license from the owner. Below is the type of music that you cannot use on Twitch:

  • Radio-based musical programs cannot be used on Twitch
  • Karaoke Performance or live recording of copyrighted music cannot be used on Twitch
  • DJ Style Music or remixes of copyrighted tracks is also not allowed on Twitch.
  • Covers and Playbacks of copyrighted songs are also not allowed on Twitch.
  • Songs from Spotify or Apple Music are not allowed on Twitch.

Basically, any music that is copyrighted and not owned/licensed by you; cannot be used on Twitch. We know that music and copyright laws can be a bit confusing to understand, so we’ve simplified the type of music that you can use on Twitch below. In order to avoid getting copyright strikes and a ban from Twitch, you need to use music that is either original and owned by you, copyrighted music that you have a license for, or copyright-free and custom music that you have full rights for.

In a nutshell, you can use the following types of music content on Twitch: 

  • Music that is owned/created by you can be used on Twitch. This means you can use original music that you have created, written, or performed/recorded. Anything musical that is original and created by you can be used on Twitch, provided you have the full rights to that content.
  • Any musical content that you have the license for can also be used on Twitch. If you have obtained a license from the copyright holders, then that music can be used on Twitch as long as you can provide the documentation and license for it.
  • Music that is copyright-free or custom-made original music can also be used on Twitch. This also includes Twitch’s own “Soundtrack by Twitch”, which gives users access to a huge library of copyright-free music.

Where Can I Find Copyright-Free Music to use on Twitch?

Now that you have a good idea of the type of music you can use on Twitch, let’s explore the various places and sources you can get copyright-free and custom music to use on Twitch as a streamer. 

Free Music on Royalty Free Music Websites & YouTube Channels 

The first place where Twitch streamers can get copyright-free music is websites and YouTube channels that offer royalty-free music. This type of music is free to download and can be used anywhere. These websites and YouTube channels have tons of music content that is copyright-free and can be used on Twitch without any issues. The best part about using these sources for music is that the music they provide is free and you do not have to pay anything.

However, while they offer music for free, the variety and level of customization are very limited as these tracks are usually generic and are used by several content creators. While this may be a good option for beginners who cannot afford to spend money on music as of now, using music from these sources might not help you stand out from the crowd. So, this is one of the ways Twitch streamers can get copyright-free music to use in their live streams.

Some websites and YouTube channels that provide royalty-free music for free are:

Stand-out With Custom Made Music 

Another great option to get copyright-free music for Twitch streamers is to go for custom-made original music. Now, you might be wondering what custom-made music is? Well, custom-made music is original music that is created especially for you by music artists. These music artists create music according to your taste and preferences that can meet all your needs and requirements. This is a great way for Twitch streamers to stand out from the crowd and use music in their live streams that is custom-made for them and suits their personality and streaming style. Using custom-made music allows streamers to have music crafted according to their specific requirements and this allows them to enhance the overall quality and experience of their streams while standing out from the crowd.

So, where can you get custom-made original music? Well, Melody Nest is a great platform where streamers can hire the music industry’s finest. Melody Nest hosts several talented music creators that can help Twitch streamers with custom soundtracks and songs which they can use in their streams. On Melody Nest, you can connect with top music producers, audio engineers, artists, vocalists, and more to get customized music that is created according to your needs, taste, and preferences.

Melody Nest allows you to choose from several creative and talented freelancers who can create custom original music; which then can be used on your Twitch live streams without any issues, as you will have full rights to the custom music that you get from Melody Nest. Additionally, this is a platform that can be trusted as Melody Nest holds your money in escrow until you’re happy with your purchase. All the freelancers on Melody Nest are vetted and specialize in their craft. So, go ahead and check out the versatile and amazing range of custom music that you can get from Melody Nest.

Check out Melody Nest HERE 

  1. Subscription Music 

Purchasing subscription music or copyright-free music is another way that Twitch streamers can get music for their streams. With subscription music, you generally pay a subscription fee that varies from platform to platform. Purchasing a subscription gives you access to a huge library of royalty-free music that you can use in your live streams on Twitch without any issues. Subscription music is a great way to get original and fresh music for your streams and it also gives you access to a whole variety of music genres.

We recommend you to check out Soundtrack by Twitch. Soundtrack by Twitch is a music subscription platform that is specifically made for Twitch streamers by Twitch. It offers copyright-free music to creators that they can use without any issues in their live streams. Soundtrack by Twitch offers a huge library of royalty-free music from every genre and gives you access to several amazing artists that offer their music on this platform.

Additionally, you can also check out these royalty-free music subscription websites: 


We hope that this article helped you understand the importance of music for Twitch streamers. Having proper knowledge about the type of music content you can and cannot use on Twitch is essential to succeed as a Twitch streamer and avoid getting strikes or a ban. So, go ahead and check out the various sources that can help you with copyright-free music which you can use in your live streams and take your content to the next level! We wish you all the very best in your streaming career!

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