Are You Currently Enrolled As A Student or Have You Graduated From Music or Art School?

We offer a lower website commission fee, discounts on purchases, and increased visibility on Melody Nest if you are currently enrolled or have graduated from music or art school, or have a degree in a relative music, graphic design, production or audio engineering field. 

Student Benefits

If you're a music/art student or a graduate and you sign-up as a seller...

Higher commission

You'll receive 90% of the total price per job you set in place instead of the standard 85/15% split.

Website discount

You'll receive 10% discount on all of your purchases if you have successfully closed three jobs.

Increased visibility

Your profile will have boosted visibility as we have categories specifically for sellers that are students.

How To Sign Up

Click the button below and sign up with a verifiable music school email address or send us a picture of your diploma or student ID. We will mark your account as a music student seller and you will receive all of the benefits above! 

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