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Niklas Blumenthaler

Niklas Blumenthaler - Wide Awake

Haunting, sad, but with a glimmer of hope found somewhere off in the distance, Niklas Blumenthaler’s Wide Awake is a heartfelt piece that tells an emotional story through the beautiful key of A-minor. 

Wide Awake opens up slowly with a few varying arpeggios that incorporate fifths and octaves blended by the upright piano’s sustain pedal. The chorus lands around 1:20 and resonates a stunning and excited set of 16th notes until the melody is back into its calm verse. From there, Niklas builds once again but this time all the way to the end creating a melancholic but energetic ride. For those that love sad piano pieces, this is a must listen. 

Wide Awake is artfully composed and we love the elegant but haunting sound of Niklas’ musical style. Personally, A-minor is my favorite key, so this song speaks directly to the part of my mind that deeply appreciates melody. We’re glad we found this masterpiece and we couldn’t wait to write up this feature!

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Written by: Nick Voorhees

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