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WRDS - Campeon

Fresh hip-hop beat: ✔️
Golden hip-hop style piano lick: ✔️
Smooth flows: ✔️✔️✔️

I may be biased because 90’s hip hop and skateboarding was my shi* in highschool, but WRDS’s record “Campeon” had my head bobbin’ and flashing back to my teenage days. If I had to describe “Campeon”… I would say it’s Jedi Mind Tricks meets Kendrick Lamar. WRDS organic and raw style reminds me of the golden era of hip-hop that is slowly disappearing, and it’s so refreshing to hear more music that’s helping it stay alive. 

There’s a line in the hook that speaks to most artists  – “I’m just trying to leave a legacy” which is a theme that stays consistent throughout his record. It’s also not easy to drop a phrase like “Man, I told you I’m a champion I thought you knew that” and for listeners to accept it at face value, but the lyrical flow, beat, rhythmic patterns, and overall mix/master quality reinforce that statement.

The vocals in the verse are right in your face, the way hip-hop should be – clear and concise. The piano lick remains consistent throughout the song but somehow doesn’t lose flavor. “Campeon” is thoughtfully crafted and we are having trouble understanding why this hasn’t reached 1,000,000+ plays yet. 

We decided to give this a write-up within the first 30 seconds without hesitation. WRDS laid down serious bars and we recommend you listen to it right now. 


Written by: Nick Voorhees

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