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WILDATION – Another Day

Funky, smooth, and catchy… we just stumbled on WILDATION’S “Another Day” and we are glad we did!

Another Day from their “First Seeds” EP is a refreshing take at indie-rock with talent coming from all 3 members. The drums are tight and controlled, the bass is really funky, and the vocals are catchy and gets your head bobbing. The mix is incredibly clean and it is obvious that these three take their music career very seriously.

We are loving the guitar solo–the distortion is really warm and harmonic. The repetition of the lyric “why you gonna wait another day” really drives the song home, and for whatever reason doesn’t get repetitive. Honestly, it gets me thinking about my own life and is a nice reminder to live life to the fullest. We have this song on repeat at Melody Nest!

We look forward to hearing more from WILDATION and we’re happy to feature them on the Nest Selections blog!



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