Nest Selections - Volume I

Beats By Drake - MAKE IT RIGHT

We’ve had this on repeat for about an hour, and I can feel a cramp in my neck because I can’t stop bobbing my head to it… it’s a bit of a problem. 

Make It Right, by “Beats By Drake” is a combination of lofi chillness with the in your face type 90’s hip hop drums, and it feels like a classic. I can imagine this playing out when I’d drive around with my bros on a summer day in highschool. It’s a fun song with bouncy low end, a jazzy brass sample, and (of course) a head bobbin’ beat. It has really nicely placed vocals and the overhead high hats keep the song moving. It’s short, sweet, and to the point. It should be obvious by now that we like this a lot. 

If you have any friends that love lofi hip-hop or rappers that are looking for beats, send them to Beats By Drake, because they might find themselves with a producer for life. 

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TikTok: @bbdbeatsbydrake

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