Nest Selections - Volume II

Old Māmalahoa - Bloodhounds

Beautiful, imaginative, and a little haunting – Old Māmalahoa illustrates a folksy tale of being chased by bloodhounds with a bounty on your head. “Bloodhounds” radiates real talent all presented in an authentic way, and anyone that is a fan of bluegrass/folk music, we highly recommend giving this a chance.

While listening to this, it’s hard not to imagine being on a back-country road and hearing this being played somewhere in the dark distance. I’m glad we gave Old Māmalahoa a listen! Their style is reminiscent of the bluegrass concerts I attended at Golden Gate Park from decades ago.  

The banjo, rhodes piano, kick drum, and acoustic guitars really fill out the song, and the vocal harmonies enhance the vocals nicely. We’ve listened to this a few times and we’re loving the organic feel of the record. Clover Stassens’s voice feels so refreshing and unprocessed compared to most music that’s currently released.

Bloodhounds is elegant, minimal (in all the right ways), and filled with natural talent. It’s definitely worth a listen. 

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