Nest Selections - Volume III

Jhene Aiko - P*$$Y Fairy ( Epiphanism Remix )

I’ve always been a fan of Jhene Aiko – her vocals are light, airy, and playful, which is why Epiphanism’s lofi/hip-hop styled remix was a nice choice here. This song is short, sweet, and makes me smile. 

I love the atmospheric sounds in the intro – they do a great job of filling out the song. The cymbals, open high hats, snaps, and other percussion hits in the background are very nicely timed, and it’s fun to listen back for other subtle FX that Epiphanism included.   

The entire song sounds intentionally minimal, and it works. There are no overpowering elements in the remix, and he did a great job of enhancing Jhene Aiko’s voice. The choice for Rhodes-style keys, the arp in the last hook, and the french horn really lets her shine and it drives the point home. 

Overall, this is a great remix, and I like Epiphanism’s version more than the original. It’s definitely worth a listen!

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