Nest Selections - Volume IV

Carell Casey - A New Day (Album)

It has been a while since I’ve stumbled upon one song of an album and then proceeded to listen to the entire album… and today was one of those days! 

Carell Casey’s “A New Day” is a collection of 11 well-produced songs all featuring her beautiful voice, acoustic guitar, and the occasional piano, string, and other instrumental accompaniment. Each song tells a unique story or illustrates a sincere message that has aged nicely through the years. Even though “A New Day” is over 10 years old, her lyrics are still relevant today. To us, this is a timeless album that will get better with age. 

A New Day” is easily the best song on the album, but “Too Tireless To Tame” is my favorite piece. The harmonies are beautiful, the hook is catchy, and that 4-to-the-floor kick drum really keeps things upbeat and moving along. Her voice is angelic, soft, and controlled in the song, and she sparks old memories inside me that I haven’t thought about in years. We’ve had it on repeat for a little while now.

Anyone that likes folksy style song writing with lots of acoustic guitar, this is an album for you! Check out Carell Casey’s music here: 

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