ARDEE & Blu Rred Beats - Mood

Nest Selections – Volume V

Smooth, heartfelt, and silky low-end – this is the first soulful song we’ve come across, and it was a pleasant surprise. It takes me back to my days in college when I’d listen to the Majestic Casual channel on YouTube.

Mood, by ARDEE and Blu Rred Beats is a refreshing RnB style song with beautiful, soul-exposing lyrics and solid production quality. ARDEE immediately captured us as soon as we heard him, and I can’t help but keep the song on repeat while I write this. 

Blu Rred Beats choice of very lush pads and light airy plucks does a great job of enhancing ARDEE’s voice. The bass is powerful and present, but not overwhelming, and the in-and-out volume fades are magical. We have no complaints whatsoever.

The strategy of keeping the song short and sweet was a great choice, as it makes me smash the replay button. Mood is a solid record all around, and we look forward to following the careers of both ARDEE and Blu Rred Beats!

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