Forgetting The Future - Sara Tonin

Nest Selections – Volume VI

“Sara Tonin” instantaneously catapulted me back over a decade when I played in an indie-punk band and would go to shows at the infamous punk rock venue The Gilman in Berkeley, CA. If Forgetting The Future was around during those days in the Bay Area, they would certainly be headlining alongside some of the greats that got booked there.

I hate to compare, but Forgetting The Future’s song “Sara Tonin” has a similar swagger to early Green Day (way before American Idiot). The song starts off with full drums and hard L-R panning, jumps into an instrumental tease of the hook and lands into the verse. The lyrics tell the story of a love interest that’s playing hard to get and how maddening that can be (I’m sure most of us can relate). The bridge beautifully creeps in out of nowhere, and it drops quickly into the hook. The chorus is fast, catchy, and well written. It’s been stuck in my head for over 24 hours!

It’s obvious that all the musicians in this band are talented. The bassist has great rhythm, the drummer really drives the song, the rhythm and lead guitar blend nicely and the vocalist’s well-controlled singing style throws me back into my teenage memories. Each musician complements the other, and we anticipate big moves from these guys in the upcoming years.

Check out Forgetting The Future here:


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