Acoustic Drum Programmer

Hiring drummers is expensive. There’s no way around it – drums take a lot of experience, talent and equipment to sound polished. If you decide to record them yourself, with little little to no experience, they often end up muddy, distorted or just lacking in life.

I offer a real and authentic drum programming service. Don’t be so quick to judge too! It’s straightfoward to do, simple to edit and quick to complete. Because of this, I offer cheaper quotes than acoustic drummers whilst maintaining a high level of quality and quick turnover for your convenience.

I specialise in Indie, Rock & Pop styles with real sounding drum kits. However, I’ve been commisioned for projects ranging from Hip Hop & Rap to Electronic & Minimalist styles.

-Multiple kit sounds to suit your needs
-Ghost notes, flams and other drum rudiments
-Dynamic playing
-Musical drum beats and fills, based on 10+ years drumming experience
-Layered drum tracks including percussion and other FX.
-Mixed and mastered as part of the cost

Contact me, let’s talk! I want to know as much as possible. What does your track sound like? What do you want the drums to be like? Do you have any references? The more information the better.

I’ll go away and put together a first draft for you to listen to. If you like it, I’ll carry on and keep udpating you with drafts until the final drum take is complete. During any of these draft stages you can amend anything: Kit sound, beat choice, dynamics etc.

I’ll bounce down the track to your specifications. Options include:
-Multiple sample rates (44.1khz standard)
-16 or 24 bit depth (16 standard)
-Multiple file formats (WAV standard)
-MIDI files
-Raw stems or mixed & mastered

If my service has peaked your interest at all, give me a message! Let’s talk about what you want. I guarantee I can make it happen for you.

-Reason 9
-Addictive Drums
-Matt Halpern Signature Pack
-Shimmer, Shake, Strike
-Other various drum sample packs
-Abbey Roads TG Mastering Software

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